About Mokshamana

About Mokshamana

What is Mokshamana?
MOKSHAMANA is a lifestyle brand specializing in transcendental accessories, fashion and music.

What is the point?
Western philosophy all though useful seems to be stuck at addressing spiritual problems. Those who care, know Eastern teachings are better at helping one prepare, adapt to change and become more content and happier. We believe that both philosophies are highly complimentary and useful. Their synthesis can lead to total Enlightenment and ultimately result in liberation. It also can help answer the perennial question of “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”. Our products and writings are designed to help you attain greater awareness and attune you to the path of liberation.

Has this been attempted in the past?
In short, yes. Here is a quote from intellectuals who study the history of these things deeper. “Victorian mysticism never took over the world. Yet, it also didn’t go away. One strand wove into the history of science and technology; another became the New Age Movement; another is emerging in the techno-utopian transhumanists of Silicon Valley, who (seemingly unwittingly) borrow themes and aims from theosophy.” The point here is that this is a recurring theme that has been present with our society for at least over a hundred years. We make a claim that this theme is eternally relevant.

What do we offer?
Currently, we offer music, videos, publications, art and our meditation app. Please check them out!

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